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Returns a newly created Interface iSourceTiling object that can be used to perform 'tile-by-tile' content processing.


std::unique_ptr<iSourceTiling> buildRegularSourceTiling(const cHorizontalRange& worldRange, int32_t tileSize)


worldRange The minimum and maximum X and Y coordinates for world geometry covered by the tiling.
This range must be non-empty, i.e. the maximum values for each coordinate must be greater than the corresponding minimum values.
tileSize The horizontal size of each tile.
Must be greater than zero.

Return Value

A newly created Interface iSourceTiling object, to encapsulate the tiling specified.

C# Mapping

SourceTiling buildRegularSourceTiling(PathEngine.HorizontalRange worldRange, int tileSize);

Java Mapping

SourceTiling buildRegularSourceTiling(HorizontalRange worldRange, int tileSize);

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