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Returns a newly created Interface iMeshFederation object, to encapsulate a mesh federation tiling, but without actually generating any federated iMesh instances.


std::unique_ptr<iMeshFederation> buildMeshFederation_TilingOnly(const cHorizontalRange& worldRange, int32_t tileStep, int32_t overlap)


worldRange The minimum and maximum X and Y coordinates for world geometry covered by the federation.
tileStep The coordinate increment between adjacent tiles in the federation.
A smaller value will result in more tiles being generated.
Must be greater than zero.
overlap The overlap between the tiles in the federation.
This determines a minimum guaranteed query range constraint on pathfinding across the federation.
Larger values for this overlap parameter enable queries to be supported across greater distances but at the cost of larger meshes for each tile.
Must be greater than zero.

Return Value

A newly created Interface iMeshFederation object, to encapsulate the tiling specified.


After creating an 'empty' mesh federation object with this method, the actual iMesh instances for the federation can be generated with iMeshFederation::buildTileMeshFromLocalGroundTiles().

Mesh federation and tile mesh objects will usually be constructed during content generation time, and the resulting objects then saved out and reloaded at run-time.

C# Mapping

MeshFederation buildMeshFederation_TilingOnly(PathEngine.HorizontalRange worldRange, int tileStep, int overlap);

Java Mapping

MeshFederation buildMeshFederation_TilingOnly(HorizontalRange worldRange, int tileStep, int overlap);

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