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Enables the application to force generation of pathfind preprocess associated with the obstacle set, for preprocessed obstacle sets.


void updateConnectedRegionPreprocessFor(const iShape& shape) const;


shapeThe shape for which pathfind preprocess should be generated.


Unobstructed space must have been generated for the shape on the mesh for which this obstacle set was created.


This method is currently only relevant for obstacle sets marked for preprocess generation, on creation. (See Obstacle Management.)
No preprocess is currently cached for other obstacle sets.

Obstacle sets marked for preprocess contain preprocess relating to the contained obstacles.
This preprocess is automatically updated when required by a pathfinding or collision query.
But there is a potentially very significant cost for generating this preprocess, so this call enables the client application to force the preprocess to be updated in advance of queries requiring the preprocess.

C# Mapping

void updateConnectedRegionPreprocessFor(Shape shape);

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