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Queries the set of tile represented regions overlapped by the specific horizontal region.


void getRepresentedRegionsOverlapped(const cHorizontalRange& queryRegion, iArrayReceiver<int32_t>& results) const;


queryRegion Minimum and maximum bounds of the query region, in X and Y.
results (See Passing Arrays.) Returns the set of ground tiles for which tile represented region overlaps the specified query region. Note that the size of this result set can be determined exactly for a specific query, by calling iMeshFederation::getNumberOfRepresentedRegionsOverlapped(), or a maximum size can be determined more generally for all possible queries on a given mesh federation object, by calling iMeshFederation::size().


This method can be used to place dynamic obstacles into individual tiles of a mesh federation.

C# Mapping

void getRepresentedRegionsOverlapped(PathEngine.HorizontalRange queryRegion, out int[] results);

Java Mapping

void getRepresentedRegionsOverlapped(HorizontalRange queryRegion, Object_OutArgument results);

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