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Generates an iMesh object with simple 2D square bounds for the specified tile in this federation.


iMesh* build2DTileMesh(int32_t tileIndex, int32_t partitioningTileSize, const char *const* options) const;


tileIndex The index of the federation tile for which a mesh is being built.
partitioningTileSize Specifies width/height of squares in a simple grid partition.

A set of named attributes to control how the geometry is processed.
Refer to Handling Attributes for information about passing sets of named attributes, and 2D Content Processing Options for information about the set of options that may be passed in to control geometry processing.

The base ground part of the iMesh object is initialised to a simple square region corresponding to the represented region for the specified mesh federation tile.

Some partioning is then generated for the '2D mapping' part of the iMesh object, controlled by the partitioningTileSize parameter.

Note that some mesh loading options may also be passed into this method, to affect the final ground mesh ground mesh construction phase.

The 'filterFacesWithSlopeAbove' and 'optimiseWithThreshold' content processing options are currently ignored by this method. (If these are specified then a warning will be emitted.)

Return Value

If the geometry passed in is validated successfully then a newly created Interface iMesh object is constructed to serve as the federation tile mesh for the federation tile with the specified index.
Otherwise non-fatal errors will be reported relating to the validation failure and zero will be returned.


The resulting mesh geometry is generated in local coordinates for the tile being generated.

C# Mapping

Mesh build2DTileMesh(int tileIndex, int partitioningTileSize, string[] options);

Java Mapping

Mesh build2DTileMesh(int tileIndex, int partitioningTileSize, String[] options);

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