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Supplies a callback object to be used by PathEngine for looking up height detail at points in the specified terrain layer on this mesh.


void setTerrainCallBack(int32_t terrainLayer, iTerrainCallBack* callBack);


terrainLayer The terrain layer for which this callback should be used.
callBack The callback object. This pointer must remain valid for the lifetime of this mesh.


Terrain callbacks must be set before any preprocess generation is performed on a mesh.

The terrain layer index passed in must be in the range terrainLayer >= 0 && terrainLayer < numberOfSectionsPresentInMesh, (where numberOfSectionsPresentInMesh can be determined by calling iMesh::getNumberOfSections()).

See Working with Terrain for details about the terrain callback mechanism.

C# Mapping

void setTerrainCallBack(int terrainLayer, TerrainCallBack callBack);

Java Mapping

void setTerrainCallBack(int terrainLayer, TerrainCallBack callBack);

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