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Saves the underlying ground for this iMesh (backward compatibility version).


void saveGround(const char* format, bool includeMapping, iOutputStream& outputStream) const;


format A C string specifying the format in which data should be output. Currently this can be "xml" or "tok" (lower case).
This format string is not retained after the call and can subsequently be safely deleted.
includeMapping Specifies whether the mapping to 2D should be saved out with the mesh.
Storing this mapping with the mesh ensures that cPositions stored for this mesh will remain valid if the PathEngine generates this mapping changes with a new release.
outputStream The mesh will be saved to this output stream.


This method is included for backward compatibility, and effectively just calls on to iMesh::saveGroundEx() with the includeTranslationTo2D and includePartitioning parameters both set to false.

C# Mapping

void saveGround(string format, bool includeMapping, OutputStream outputStream);

Java Mapping

void saveGround(String format, boolean includeMapping, OutputStream outputStream);

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