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A helper method for visualising horizontal range boundaries.


void renderRangeBounds_Local(const cHorizontalRange& range, const cPosition& root, int32_t originX, int32_t originY, iRender3DLinesCallBack& callBack) const;


range The horizontal range for which bounds should be drawn.
root A root position to specify which parts of the mesh geometry should be considered for rendering the bounds.
originX X coordinate for the rendering origin.
originY Y coordinate for the rendering origin.
callBack An instance of Interface iRender3DLinesCallBack to call back to with coordinates for line vertices.


This helper method is provided to enable you to implement visualisation of primitives within your own 3D engine.

Boundary lines are drawn to show the edges of the specified horizontal range, as reached through local mesh geometry from the specified root position.

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C# Mapping

void renderRangeBounds_Local(PathEngine.HorizontalRange range, PathEngine.Position root, int originX, int originY, Render3DLinesCallBack callBack);

Java Mapping

void renderRangeBounds_Local(HorizontalRange range, Position root, int originX, int originY, Render3DLinesCallBack callBack);

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