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Checks whether a position has been marked as blocked through the surface type traverse costs mechanism.


bool positionIsBlockedBySurfaceTypeTraverseCosts(const iCollisionContext* context, const cPosition& position) const;


context If supplied then dynamic costs in this context will be checked in addition to any burnt in costs.
position The position to be tested. This position must be a valid position on this mesh

Return Value

Returns true if the surface type at the given position has been assigned a cost value of -1.f (blocked), either in burnt in surface type traverse costs, or in dynamic surface type traverse costs if a context is supplied, otherwise false.


This method is provided as an early out for situations where blocking traverse cost values are being used, and where these blocking values make a pathfinding goal position effectively unreachable.

Refer to Representing Regions with Cost to Traverse for more detail about surface type traverse costs.

C# Mapping

bool positionIsBlockedBySurfaceTypeTraverseCosts(CollisionContext context, PathEngine.Position position);

Java Mapping

boolean positionIsBlockedBySurfaceTypeTraverseCosts(CollisionContext context, Position position);

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