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Obtains a position in the specified section and at the given coordinates, if such a position exists.


cPosition positionInSection(int32_t sectionID, int32_t x, int32_t y) const;


sectionID Obtains a position in this section.
A value of -1 may be passed into this parameter to indicate the entire mesh.
x X coordinate for the position.
y Y coordinate for the position.

Return Value

A cPosition representing a position in the given section and with the specified x and y coordinates, if such a position exists.


Sections can be defined by setting the PE_FaceAttribute_SectionID when building a ground mesh.

If a section includes more than one layer of overlapping geometry at the given x and y coordinates then this method will return a position in one of those layers, but it is not defined which position will be chosen.
This method is provided primarily for working with terrain layers that do not contain overlapping geometry. Refer to Working with Terrain for details about working with terrain layers.

See Converting to and from PathEngine's Position Representation for an overview of all the position conversion methods.

C# Mapping

PathEngine.Position positionInSection(int sectionID, int x, int y);

Java Mapping

Position positionInSection(int sectionID, int x, int y);

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