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Helper for constructing a cPosition from horizontal coordinates and 3D face index.


cPosition positionForPointIn3DFace(int32_t faceIndex, int32_t x, int32_t y) const;


faceIndex An index for the 3D face (tri) containing the specified x and y coordinates.
(Must be non-negative, and less than the value returned by iMesh::getNumberOf3DFaces().)
x The X coordinate of the position.
y The Y coordinate of the position.

Return Value

A cPosition for the specified position, if valid, otherwise an explicitly invalid position (cell index set to -1).


This method is intended to be used with iMesh::pointIsIn3DFace().
A specific model is used with respect to ownership of points exactly on face boundaries, which is shared with that method.
If the specified point is not inside the face according to that model then an explicitly invalid position will be returned.

C# Mapping

PathEngine.Position positionForPointIn3DFace(int faceIndex, int x, int y);

Java Mapping

Position positionForPointIn3DFace(int faceIndex, int x, int y);

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