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Creates a free standing obstacle set.


std::unique_ptr<iObstacleSet> newObstacleSet_WithAttributes(const char *const* attributes) const


attributes A set of attribute and value pairs that can be used to control the behaviour of the created obstacle set.
See Obstacle Set Creation Attributes for information about the attributes that can be passed in to this parameter.
When creating 'preprocessed obstacle sets', Unobstructed Space Generation Attributes can also be included, and these will then be passed in to the preprocess generation stage.

Return Value

A newly created Interface iObstacleSet object.


This method enables obstacles sets to be marked for extended preprocessing.

C# Mapping

ObstacleSet newObstacleSet_WithAttributes(string[] attributes);

Java Mapping

ObstacleSet newObstacleSet_WithAttributes(String[] attributes);

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