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Traverses along the surface of a ground mesh to disambiguate overlapping geometry at a target point.


int32_t getCellForEndOfLine(const cPosition& start, int32_t endX, int32_t endY) const;


start A position for the start of traversal.
This must be a valid position on this mesh.
endX The x coordinate of the target.
endY The y coordinate of the target.

Return Value

The internal 'cell' index for the position reached by traversing from the start position to the target coordinates in a straight line along the surface of this mesh.
If the traversal exits the mesh then -1 is returned.


This method enables you to implement 2d movement along the surface of a mesh whilst disambiguating between layers of overlapping geometry.
The return value of this method can be used to build a cPosition at the target coordinates.

See Also


C# Mapping

int getCellForEndOfLine(PathEngine.Position start, int endX, int endY);

Java Mapping

int getCellForEndOfLine(Position start, int endX, int endY);

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