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Helper function providing access to the geometry of the underlying 3D mesh.


int32_t get3DFaceVertexIndexInMesh(int32_t faceIndex, int32_t vertexIndexInFace) const;


faceIndex The (zero based) index of the face in which to look up vertex geometry.
(Must be positive and less than the value returned by iMesh::getNumberOf3DFaces().)
vertexIndexInFace Value must be 0, 1 or 2.

Return Value

Returns an index for this vertex, within the mesh.


This method can be useful in certain specific cases where code reproducing the mesh structure of the ground represented by this iMesh object needs to be implemented outside the API.
One specific example of this is when writing code to wrap an iMesh object for the iFaceVertexMesh interface.

The vertex index returned is shared between all connected local faces.

See Also

iMesh::getNumberOf3DFaces(), iMesh::get3DFaceConnection()

C# Mapping

int get3DFaceVertexIndexInMesh(int faceIndex, int vertexIndexInFace);

Java Mapping

int get3DFaceVertexIndexInMesh(int faceIndex, int vertexIndexInFace);

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