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Returns a normal vector for a face in the underlying 3d mesh.


void get3DFaceNormal(int32_t faceIndex, float& resultX, float& resultY, float& resultZ) const;


faceIndexThe index of the 3d face to return the normal for.
resultXReturns the X coordinate of the normal.
resultYReturns the Y coordinate of the normal.
resultZReturns the Y coordinate of the normal.


Use iMesh::get3DFaceAtPosition() to obtain a 3D face index.

The returned vector is unit length and points in a direction up from the ground.

C# Mapping

void get3DFaceNormal(int faceIndex, out float resultX, out float resultY, out float resultZ);

Java Mapping

void get3DFaceNormal(int faceIndex, float_OutArgument resultX, float_OutArgument resultY, float_OutArgument resultZ);

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