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Background preprocess generation version of iMesh::generateUnobstructedSpaceFor_WithPreExpanded().


void generateBackgroundUnobstructedSpaceFor_WithPreExpanded(const iShape& shape, const char *const* options, const iExpanded2DObstacles* const * preExpanded_Buffer, uint32_t preExpanded_BufferEntries);


shape The shape for which unobstructed space should be generated.

This parameter enables optional attributes to be passed in to control aspects of the unobstructed space generation, if special behaviour is desired.

If special bevaviour is desired, then see Handling Attributes for general information about passing attributes, and Unobstructed Space Generation Attributes for a list of the attributes that can be passed in specifically to this method.

If no special behaviour is desired then you can just pass zero in for this parameter, to indicate no attributes.

preExpanded_Buffer, preExpanded_BufferEntries (See Passing Arrays.) Pointers to iExpanded2DObstacles objects for which boundaries should be included in the resulting unobstructed space.


Background unobstructed space must not already be present for the shape on this mesh.

C# Mapping

void generateBackgroundUnobstructedSpaceFor_WithPreExpanded(Shape shape, string[] options, Expanded2DObstacles[] preExpanded);

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