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Finds the shortest path from a given start position to a given end position for agents with a specified collision shape.


std::unique_ptr<iPath> findShortestPath6(const iShape& shape, const iCollisionContext* context, const cPosition& start, const cPosition& goal, iQueryCallBack* queryCallBack) const


shape The collision shape to use for this query.
context The state of dynamic collision that will apply for this query.
An empty context can be specified by passing nullptr for this argument.
start The start point for pathfinding.
This position must be a valid position on this mesh, and must not be obstructed by the base mesh or burnt-in obstacles.
goal The target point for pathfinding.
This position must be a valid position on this mesh.
queryCallBack A pointer to a valid implementation of the iQueryCallBack interface, or else null.


Requires that (release 6 type) pathfind preprocess has been generated on this mesh for the collision shape specified.

Return Value

A newly created Interface iPath object, if a path can be found.
Otherwise a zero pointer is returned.


Not all pathfinding features are supported, currently, with version 6 preprocess. (Ask, for more details.)

C# Mapping

Path findShortestPath6(Shape shape, CollisionContext context, PathEngine.Position start, PathEngine.Position goal, QueryCallBack queryCallBack);

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