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Provided to enable Interface iPath objects to be constructed directly from a sequence of positions.


std::unique_ptr<iPath> constructPath(cPosition const * positions_Buffer, uint32_t positions_BufferEntries, int32_t const * connectionIndices_Buffer, uint32_t connectionIndices_BufferEntries) const


positions_Buffer, positions_BufferEntries (See Passing Arrays.) A sequence of positions to be used to construct the path. Must be non-empty. The number of positions supplied determines path length.
connectionIndices_Buffer, connectionIndices_BufferEntries (See Passing Arrays.) A sequence of connection indices, corresponding to off-mesh connections, to be used to construct the path. This can be empty to indicate that the path contains no off-mesh connections, or if non-empty must contain exactly path length - 1 entries.

Return Value

A newly created Interface iPath object.


Refer to Working with Off‑Mesh Connections for more information about connection indices.

See Also

iMesh::copyPath(), iMesh::reversePath(), iMesh::findShortestPath()

C# Mapping

Path constructPath(PathEngine.Position[] positions, int[] connectionIndices);

Java Mapping

Path constructPath(Position[] positions, int[] connectionIndices);

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