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This method is called by PathEngine in the case of an error to perform application side error handling, normally by displaying or logging the error.


int32_t handle(const char* type, const char* description, const char *const* attributes);


type A C string specifying the type of error.
description A C string containing a human readable description of the error.
attributes A set of context dependant attributes relating to the error. See Handling Attributes for an explanation about how to parse these attributes.

Return Value

One of the values described in Error Handler Return Codes, to specify what action PathEngine should take after the error handler returns.


The 'type' parameter indicates the severity of the error.
Some values to expect are:

"Fatal" Execution cannot continue following this error.
After the handler returns, pathengine may abort execution or trigger a crash.
"NonFatal" An error has occurred but execution can continue in the code immediately after the handler returns.
The error reporting code will then usually return an error condition (such as a zero pointer) to calling code, however, and it is possible that this then triggers another error report (perhaps with a 'Fatal' error).
In some cases continuing after a 'NonFatal' error may result in execution returning from API interface methods but return a 0 pointer "NonFatal" or otherwise fail to perform the requested operation.
"Warning" This error is for information only, and execution can continue after the handler returns.
"Assertion" A runtime assertion.
The action taken after the handler returns depends on the action code returned by the handler.

C# Mapping

int handle(string type, string description, string[] attributes);

Java Mapping

int handle(String type, String description, String[] attributes);

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