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Returns the vertical range of the specified anchor.


void anchor_VerticalRange(int32_t anchorIndex, float& z_Start, float& z_End) const;


anchorIndex The (zero-based) index of the anchor being queried. Must be greater than or equal to zero, and less than the value returned by numberOfAnchors().
z_Start Returns the start of the anchor's vertical range (lowest value).
z_End Returns the end of the anchor's vertical range (highest value).


The z range is ignored for 'terrain anchors'.

Refer to PathEngine Coordinates for details about the PathEngine coordinate system.

C# Mapping

void anchor_VerticalRange(int anchorIndex, out float z_Start, out float z_End);

Java Mapping

void anchor_VerticalRange(int anchorIndex, float_OutArgument z_Start, float_OutArgument z_End);

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