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Specifies if the obstacle should function as a 'soft obstacle', and specifies the traversal cost.


void setTraverseCost(float cost);


cost The additional cost to be applied to parts of a path that cross this obstacle, or -1.f to indicate that the obstacle should function as a traditional 'hard obstacle'.


An agent's traverse cost defaults to -1 which indicates that the agent should function as a traditional 'hard obstacle'.
Setting the traverse cost to a value >= 0.f specifies that the agent should behave as a 'soft obstacle'.
You can switch the agent back to behaving as a hard obstacle by setting the traverse cost back to -1.f

Refer to Representing Regions with Cost to Traverse for more details about the 'soft obstacle' functionality.

The traverse cost currently associated with an agent can be obtained with iAgent::getTraverseCost().

C# Mapping

void setTraverseCost(float cost);

Java Mapping

void setTraverseCost(float cost);

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