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A helper function for access to underlying agent geometry, e.g. for debug rendering.


void getVertexCoordinates(int32_t index, int32_t& x, int32_t& y) const;


indexThis must be a positive integer less than the value returned by iAgent::getNumberOfVertices().
x Returns the X coordinate of the specified vertex, in pathfinding world space.
y Returns the Y coordinate of the specified vertex, in pathfinding world space.


Certain agents do not have an iShape instance, for example agents that have been constructed with iMesh::placeLargeStaticObstacle(), and this helper function is then provided for more general access to underlying geometry that does not depend on an iShape instance.

See Also


C# Mapping

void getVertexCoordinates(int index, out int x, out int y);

Java Mapping

void getVertexCoordinates(int index, int_OutArgument x, int_OutArgument y);

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