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Obtains the PathEngine root interface, and an interface to call into the 3D content processing dll (dll linkage).


This function is defined internally by the 3D content processing dll, as follows:
extern "C"
    void __stdcall DLLExport_CP3D_GetInterfaces(iErrorHandler* handler, iPathEngine** pathEngine, iContentProcessing3D** cp3d);


handler A pointer to an object PathEngine will call to handle errors. This pointer must remain valid until PathEngine is shut down.
pathEngine Returns a pointer to the PathEngine root interface.
cp3d Returns a pointer to a the 3D content processing interface.


This function is exported at ordinal 2, and can therefore be obtained by calling GetProcAddress(hInstance, (LPCSTR)2) after loading the 3D content processing dll.
(See Linking with the 3D Content Processing for more information about linking with the 3D content processing.)

See 3D Content Processing for more information about PathEngine's 3D content processing functionality, in general.

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